15 June 2009

Finally, a boring weekend

And we were glad to have it! We've been making our weekends busy with projects and shopping plans. Now we've purchased a bunch of stuff and are sitting on our laurels. It's nice.

Milla has taken a new fancy to the play hand broom and dustpan. I keep finding it in the pantry with the real broom and dustpan. And I caught her sweeping up her Raisin Bran from this morning with it. (Gross!) Then I think she was contemplating eating it (grosser!) but I talked her out of it.

She got bitten by a zillion mosquitoes in our backyard. Poor girl. She looks all swollen and keeps saying, "Itchy." See for yourself:

Chachi is amazing. Still sweet as everything, though sometimes a fussy bottle-drinker. Look at him, stylin' in his Pumas:

Is that not the cutest picture you've ever seen? My goodness! And here he is, looking like a cross between Papa and Uncle Chris:

Finally, another shameless manipulation of the camera by Vaughn:

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