12 June 2009


I use that word a lot and it's annoying me. But what else do you call it when your not-even-two-year-old can name 8 out of the 12 students in her sister's class by sight? And one of the weirdest parts is she knows the name of a kid we've never had over here, never played with. Which means that she's asked us his name and we've told and and she's remembered. Nuts.

She also saw me mixing meatloaf with my hands today and I was up to my elbows in raw turkey meat so she said, "Need nakin Mommy?" Well, a shower would probably do, actually, but yes -- thank you, honey.

Here are some pictures from last week that I never got around to posting for whatever reason. Haven't taken many this week. I tried to get some video of Fletcher being his angel self upon "waking" in the morning (today was the first time in 2 months that he let us know he'd woken up, and he cried himself back to sleep within about 10 minutes anyway), but the picture was very dark. (Btw, any advice on helping your kid (re-)learn to take a bottle?)

Moving on -- some eye candy ...

The girls in their rain boots:

Fletcher watching patiently, and chillin':

The totally Vandegrift children:

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