03 May 2009

Parties and family QT

Last weekend we went to an incredible party for Katie and Charlie out in Mebane ... you know, romantic, breathtaking Mebane. Actually, the scenery was great and the party was fantastic. Soft, green grass beneath your feet and beer and wine poolside; BBQ on picnic tables in the shade. Good times! Here is a shot that I guess Katie must've taken. Unreal.

This past Friday morning we went to Vaughn's friend Dash's house for a "tea party." I don't know that any tea was really consumed, but we all had a blast, including Milla with the younger kids. What would I do without preschool moms??

We had a really low-key weekend. Mark was tired from his big conference this week, and I was tired from ... well, being here all week, and the girls haven't been napping. We spent some time buying new summer shoes yesterday at REI and Mark took the girls to Duke Forest this morning, which Vaughn LOVED. Sorry I missed that in some ways, because you know, cleaning the bathrooms can't really compare. But we're on our way to some good family pics with Fletcher now that this one has been taken:

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