21 May 2009

Grandparents are saints

So the Vandegrifts were here for our wedding weekend (congratulations to Mr and Mrs Charlie Helms!!) and watched our children while we were completely absent -- either physically or mentally. I definitely feel like I was a zombie during the hours I was home and we could not have pulled it off without Sue and Vaughn's help. Thank you!

Then the Mannings came and helped us fix up our yard a little. The best thing ever are these "loppers" that my dad bought to help me trim tree limbs. Hallelujah! But also he put in a new gutter drain since our old one was cracked, he cut down a few "unnecessary" trees in the back and my mom started a new garden area for Vaughn, who says she either wants to be a gardener or a ballet dancer when she grows up. Here are some pics of the girls ... um, helping:

Pictures from Duke Gardens (bless my mom for wondering if we, as UNC fans, really wanted to patronize this facility):

Sweet Fletcher doing his thing, ie, sucking his thumb quietly and patiently:

And more of Fletcher's new letters that my mom painted and hung in his room (notice he's in there, sleeping, in the first one as well):

Grammie and Fletch:

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