27 May 2009


First of all, we had an amazing drive to Charlottesville over Memorial Day weekend. I don't even know what to say, but maybe we planned it well for the first time ... plus our kids were amazing! DVD players help, as do sucked thumbs. A trip that takes most people 3.5 hours took us 5, but so what? We stopped for an hour and a half at the "dirt mall" near Petersburg, VA, and watched a bunch of movies before and after. Little Fletcher sat in the very back of the car all by himself and either slept, laughed at his reflection in the mirror, or sucked his thumb. Milla was the only X factor, as she got a bit cranky, but that was expected.

We had so much fun with our family! They are very energetic and could teach us a thing or two when we're being lazy, as we like to be! Vaughn and Lolo are 8 months apart, and Milla and Grayson are 1 month apart. All the girls are bookended by Elijah, almost 6, and Fletcher -- our boys!! So many exclamation points! We love seeing family.

At the park:

And in the many baby pools in the Toltons' backyard:

We finished out the weekend with an awesome game of Cranium amongst the adults on a "fake porch" that is actually quite lovely and relatively bug-free when tiki torches are lit. Who thought that James Bond made his entrance to the Batman song? Well, Camilla did! Good times!!

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Meghan said...

See, we miss each other in CH for wedding weekends, and then in Charlottesville for Mem Day weekend... Bad timing for such good timing!