08 April 2009

Sweet siblings

Vaughn and Milla love to "play" with Fletcher, but Vaughn is actually good at it, even if she is a little aggressive. Fletch is starting to like his playmat, and he especially likes it when Vaughn pushes the ladybug back and forth in front of his face. His sweet face is starting to clear up! Yea!

In other news, Milla went to the ENT today and was cleared for tube surgery next week, but when I spoke to the billing lady, it turns out we don't want to pay for it! I had no idea it would be so expensive. An artificial ear tube is smaller than a grain of rice, for crying out loud! Hopefully she won't get any more ear infections until the fall and we can reconsider then.

1 comment:

Mary said...

They sure are sweeties! Please tell them that 'Auntie Monte' loves them.