18 April 2009

Girls' weekend

I missed a girls' weekend for a good friend (really, a bachelorette party) this weekend and I guess it's been on the brain ... Lots of good pictures of our girls.

First, we managed to meet some friends out last night for drinks at our "local," I guess you could call it. Too bad we couldn't walk there because it's s'damn close, but alas -- there are no sidewalks between our house and this watering hole. Milla and Vaughn played with their friends Emma and Cooper and managed not to knock over any of the wait staff. Miraculously.

Today Mark took us on a spontaneous trip to Jordan Lake. I thought he knew where he was going, but the trek quickly turned into a Camilla Operation when I found out he had no idea where we were or how exactly we were going to get anywhere close to the lake, aside from maybe parking on a bridge and watching the other people fish illegally. Lo and behold we found a boat ramp rather quickly and it even had a little beach for the girls to play. Vaughn loved it way more than Milla, who kept saying, "Dirty ... socks ..." Way cute pictures anyway.

And some cute ones of Milla sleeping, with that thumb in her mouth, par usual. You know, I compared thumbs yesterday and her left (the one she sucks constantly) is definitely a different shape. The quick is also much lower -- ie, closer to her hand. Hmmm ...

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