04 April 2009


Vaughn and Milla are playing some new game, which I think is called "bedtime" or something like that. Milla curls up on some pillows and pretends to go nigh-nights, while Vaughn covers her in a blanket and reads her stories. Two funny parts to this: Vaughn is reciting books that she knows word for word, from memory. Incredible. And Milla just sits there and stays calm, wrapped up in a blanket, holding her bear and sucking her thumb. It's the first real creative interaction they've had, and about the only thing they can do together without fighting ... for at least five minutes. Here is a glimpse:

Fletcher can now add colicky to his list of traits ... following cute, small, possibly ginger, bumpy and crusty. I'm cutting out dairy again to see if that helps. (I hope it doesn't!)

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