05 February 2009

Where is that baby?

All the plans (A, B, C, D and maybe even through G) are in place. People are expecting middle-of-the-night phone calls from us. I have been to L&D already with contractions and dilating due to severe dehydration from vomiting (stomach bug or flu; who knows?). Kids' bags are packed, just in case. Extenuating circumstances have been gone over in our heads. So where is that baby?? Maybe it's waiting for all the members of our family to be well for once so that everyone is allowed into the hospital to visit. Good luck with that, Baby! That may never happen. They shouldn't even let me in at this point. I'm like a perpetual cold magnet. Anyway, that's all we're doing here. Not taking pictures, not reveling in the beauty of our children (though I am aware that they are so) ... just waiting for that baby!

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