27 February 2009

A couple of things about Fletcher

He has an incredibly strong suck. We must've had at least 5 different nurses who told us this, in addition to both pediatricians who saw him in the hospital. Even the medical professionals who "don't usually recommend pacifiers" say he's a good candidate for one.

He moves around a lot -- very squirmy. The nurse at the pediatrician's office was amazed at how she could barely contain him.

He regained his birth weight by day 6 -- meaning that he gained about 12 ounces in 3 days. Everyone was shocked by this. Except me. My body could believe it, no doubt.

His sisters love him a little too much. They constantly want to touch him, and they're both sick with bad colds. Hmph.

I still can't believe we had a boy!! Here he is still asleep in our bed:

Here's Mark with his son:

Here's his first real bath (no soap though! not for 8 weeks, I think, as they taught us in Britain):

Here's Vaughn, looking about 15 years old and like I should be dropping her off at the mall later:

And here's Milla with her find of the morning -- the "med-sin" that I left on the stairs so I would remember to bring it up to the cabinet (whoops):

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