06 January 2009

Some post-Christmas goodies

Vaughn in her leg warmers from Auntie Millie. I still don't really "get" these. They're not really keeping your legs warm if they only go up to your knees. But the girls love them. So ...

Milla in her hat that was once Aunt Beth's. I can't remember why she's crying in this picture. Oh, I think it was because I told her we were leaving and then I kept trying to take her picture and she was really wanting to leave the house. Imagine.

Vaughn in her tutu, tiara and headband from Auntie Christie and Uncle Chris. Man she loves this stuff! Actually the leotard is a hand-me-down from Ashley, too. She is such a ballerina! If only she would go to ballet classes. Hmph.

PS -- We didn't prove a thing last night, other than that the Horns can make last-minute comebacks, too. And that our defense is awful.

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