26 January 2009

Snow, baby shower, etc

Here's a pic of our backyard with all the snow. I just looked at the pics from the fall and it's still exciting to me that we get all four seasons here.

Here's Milla in her ridiculously cute dress from Uncle Dave and Aunt Holly. Holly had hoped that it was big and it is! I think she can wear it again next year. But we got LOTS of compliments about it, so thank y'all again!

Milla is still pointing to her ears and saying, "Hurts," so I'm not sure if we've got tubes on the horizon or just a funny little girl. She is trying to learn her numbers and ABCs so she can be big like her sister. Milla also takes off her hat and coat when we drop Vaughn off at school, then tries to sit at the table inside the classroom or take off a star (with some other student's name on it) to prove her attendance. So much personality, that one.

Here's a pic of the girls with Aunt Katie and Uncle Charlie after the shower. Katie and Lauren gave us such a wonderful and perfectly low-key shower that even had tolerable games involved!! Thanks to them and Charlie and Kai for their efforts. Hopefully Baby understands now that there is no more for which to wait ... let's just get on with it.

And why was I always under the impression that diaper cakes were bad? This one is amazing! Lauren made it and it's totally functional. I thought that diaper cakes were things you could eat -- cakes in the shape of a stack of diapers. That sounds horribly silly. But this was fantastic.

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