15 January 2009


I haven't been taking any pictures, for whatever reason. Milla has been especially cranky; both girls have been slightly ill, though nothing compared to November/December, or compared to the 6 vomits in the car after Christmas. I have been nesting and dragging Mark along with me. Some of the biggest issues have been where to put the three car seats (and why didn't I get a minivan?), how all of this furniture is going to be arranged (and why am I set on having the largest bedroom be the guest room?) and am I sure I really want three kids right now? The last of which, of course, is moot, but it's still out there. The two kids I have are giving me a run for my money these days! Other issues: tying my shoes, walking, picking up the soap in the shower when I drop it, cleaning, cooking when most foods repulse me. Go figure.

I promise to take pictures soon! The girls are amazing and amazingly beautiful, funny and sweet. Milla is always bringing objects to people that she attaches to them, like bringing Mark his phone or Vaughn her cup. Vaughn is finally learning to share, though I think it might be due to the threats we're constantly making. They both like dancing around in their underwear/diaper. We are so blessed.

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penguinette said...

I hope the yucky sick season is behind you. I know someone who could help with finding a vehicle in which to comfortably fit three carseats when you are ready. We love road trips and would happy to deliver it. :)