29 December 2008

Jersey, baby

So we drove 12 hours to Jersey and 12 hours back. The trip, without stopping very much, usually takes about 8.5 hours. We had the luxury of Grandma's EZPass, which was HUGE, but it didn't relieve all the traffic and didn't stop me from needing to pee about every hour. On the way there, we stopped south of DC to let the girls run around for a while and ended up at a Wal-Mart, searching in desperation for a portable DVD player ... which we did find!, but an hour later when we tried to plug it into our car, it wouldn't fit. O, the electronics gods! Then, on the way back, with new and working DVD player hooked up, Vaughn could not stop vomiting to save her life and we ended up on the side of the highway, multiple times, changing her clothes and trying to mop up what we could of the stench and stain. We had a lovely time in NJ but we are glad to be home!

Unfortunately I didn't snap many pictures while we were there but I did get a few cute ones I'll post here. First, a shot of hotel life:

Sadly, you can't see the cute red corduroy dress that Milla was wearing for Christmas Eve at Aunt Fran's and Uncle Alan's.

Here are some from second cousin Phiona's birthday party ... could they be sisters or what?

Thanks to everyone for such a lovely holiday and for being so hospitable ... we spent Sunday evening at Yesterday's for Fish Party, Monday night at the Mannings' for lots of cousin playing and fun, Wednesday night at Aunt Fran's for Christmas Eve, Thursday afternoon at Uncle Peter's and Aunt Mary's for a long day of gift exchanging and loading up on sugar, and Friday evening at Fran's again just to see each other one last time. What an amazing week ... can we fly next time??

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