11 December 2008


Who could imagine that this sleeping angel could cause so much trouble? Well, plenty of experienced parents could guess, I suppose. She started pointing at her ear and screaming on Sunday night, which would be a good indication of an ear infection ... or a good indication of a cranky kid in general, so you never really know. But when she woke up Monday morning and her cough was worse -- incessant and raspy -- and her nose was running like crazy, I took her to the doctor. And of course she had an ear infection. But until the antibiotics had taken real effect, she coughed to the point of vomiting all day -- in her car seat, in her crib, at the table. Which was lovely, both to witness and to clean up. Anyway she's much better now, but our whole family has been suffering from this second round of severe cold, so I have been posting less often. Here's to amoxicillin!

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