01 December 2008

4-year-olds say funny things

Vaughn woke up yesterday morning in quite a dramatic mood. This happens a lot: there are many sighs, many grunts, a lot of whining (about what, we can't tell), and a bunch of going back and forth over what she really wants to do. No, she doesn't want to do that; yes, she does. Etc. Yesterday was the prime example of toddler hormones at work, though, as she came into our room, holding her head down and fake sniffling, stamped very slowly to our toilet and came back out without answering any of our, "Honey, are you OK?"s. Then Mark chased her to her room and she said, "I just want to be alone in my room right now." And Mark asked her again, "Are you OK?" To which Vaughn replied, "I don't want to talk about it." And she shut her door!

And the day before, I tried to talk up Christmas to her -- "There's going to be tons of family and there will be lots of parties and everyone's going to want to play with you and there will be lots of yummy food" -- and when I had finished my five-minute rant, she said, "That doesn't sound like very much fun to me." And then tonight she said, as we were tucking her in for bed, "Will there be a Christmas tree in New Jersey?"

Priceless. My little Boo-Boo is priceless.

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