19 November 2008

The Vandesicks

After being at school about 30 minutes on Thursday, Vaughn's teacher called me to tell me that her temperature was over 101 and I should come get her. Fair enough. All Thursday and Friday we watched TV, which was actually quite relaxing, considering I wasn't feeling well either. This is what it looked like:

As it turns out, Vaughn had an ear infection. She is feeling much better now that she's 6 days into her antibiotics! Turns out I had some sort of respiratory infection, which left me pretty much motionless for about 3 days but I'm starting to feel better with antibiotics too. I hadn't been that sick since I was 13. Mark, who is an inspiration to every man who thinks he's not handy (you should see how well our toilets are now working and NOT leaking!), also played the role of mommy on Monday so that I could lie in bed all day. Much like the above pic.

We're feeling well enough to play with the camera again, Milla included. She had a fever for a few days but seems to be improving without the antibiotics her sister and I needed. Check out her totally sweet bunches (pigtails):

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