10 November 2008

Milla's growing ... pains

Milla is talking up a storm. Not like sentences or anything but she can say down, walk, apple (which means food), wawa (water), bear, bup (book), ouch, aaaah (all done!), up, socks, shoes, boon (balloon), ball, side (outside) ... and now that she's communicative, she gets really angry when you won't give her what she wants. She spent a good part of the morning throwing herself on the ground, rolling around and crying. She actually injured herself over and over in the process. Vaughn was the opposite -- once she knew that you understood her, she was cool with just being understood. This is frustrating!

In the meantime, Vaughn can't stop taking things away from Milla, including any attention anyone or -thing (like a video camera) might give her. And the incessant "why" has sprung up again. Gosh, they are cute and have very sweet dispositions, but I think the pregnant lady and the overworked man need a refresher course in patience!

Here are some totally ridic pictures of Milla in this hat she loves to wear. She wants to keep the hat on at all time, whereas the elder at this age was always ripping hers off in temperatures below freezing. In the first pic, Milla is watching Elmo's World. In the second she's watching Peter Pan. It's official: she likes TV. (I'll be honest: thank God.)

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