24 November 2008

I got tagged!

I normally don't do these things. But I love that Lanette of all people "tagged" me, and I figure it's a way to get myself into the holiday spirit. So here goes ...

Shows I Watch:
1. NCAA football
2. NCAA basketball
3. House
4. CSI
5. The Office, sometimes (it's really painful to sit through 30 minutes of it)
6. NFL

Favorite Restaurants:
1. Juan in a Million, Austin, TX
2. Z Tejas
3. Chick Fil-A
4. Armadillo Grill, Carrboro, NC
5. Piccolo Angolo, NYC
6. Taco Bell

Things that happened today:
1. Took 3-hour glucose test and passed!
2. Coughed a bunch
3. Refereed toddlers (my own)
4. Had a playdate with another 4-year-old
5. Got a pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese for lunch
6. Wrapped Christmas presents

Things I look forward to:
1. My parents' getting here tomorrow
2. Pie
3. Christmas
4. Santa's visiting my kids
5. Fridays (Taco Bell lunch on Fridays)
6. Weekends -- time with Daddy!

Things on my Wish list:
1. Health for my whole family
2. Economy boost
3. Little traffic on I-95
4. Peace amongst my children
5. Bling ("push present")
6. Mimosas Christmas morning

(I didn't tag anyone else. The pressure is too much. But if you want to post on your own blog, email or comment here, go for it.)


Loopty Lou said...

Lanette also tagged Malissa, who in turn tagged me. I do feel stressed but somewhat honored.

The Paralegal said...

Shows I Watch:
1. Longhorn football
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. Southpark
4. Daily Show
5. Letterman
6. News

Favorite Restaurants:
1. Juan in a Million, Austin
2. 2223, San Francisco
3. Puerto Allegre, San Francisco
4. Franklin Cafe, Boston
5. Chick-Fil-A, Everywhere and Anywhere
6. Regina's Pizzeria, Boston

Things that happened today:
1. Woke up at 3 am and read 36 messages on my BlackBerry
2. Took a cab to work
3. Took two vicodin
4. Organized signature pages
5. Drank a Diet Pepsi, which I've decided is superior to Diet Coke but inferior to Coke Zero or Diet Dr Pepper
6. Complained to anyone who would listen about how much I'm working lately

Things I look forward to:
1. Getting to Texas
2. Seeing Milk next Sunday
3. Eating (in general)
4. Christmas with Panda's family
5. Going away for New Year's
6. This cough/cold going away

Things on my Wish list:
1. A more stable Middle East
2. A more stable economy
3. A more stable family visit than usual
4. Better health, in general
5. Motivation/energy to exercise again
6. A new job that pays well and requires very, very, very little