06 November 2008

Couple of updates

First, we are all recovering from Barack Obama hangover ... much like birthday hangover (see: Vaughn for the last two weeks), we are just overwhelmed. I, especially, cry every once in a while, I'm so overwhelmed with our choice of president. I congratulate all of you, no matter for whom you voted, for I think things will be moving in a positive direction. And how refreshing not to have an old, white man as president! (Yes, this is our front yard and our sign, but our next-door neighbor's facade.)

Next, I can't seem to get enough of the trees. I feel sort of whimsical about the whole thing (and definitely influenced by all my pregnancy hormones), but I also feel obligated to share with everyone what we will only witness for the next week or two, probably not long enough for Grandma/Papa or Grammie/Dadaw/the Toltons to see. (This first picture is from our bedroom window. I just cannot stop staring out the window when there's awesome sunlight.)

This was at about 5pm, when the sun was setting. The picture doesn't really capture how the light was twinkling through the foliage, but it was something over which my mom would drool.

Really, click on these so you can see them larger. The reds, oranges and yellows are stronger every day.

Coming soon ... video of Milla dancing, or of her freaking out when Elmo's World starts at the end of Sesame Street. I haven't decided yet which to earnestly persevere ...

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