03 November 2008


When I was a freshman at UNC, I emailed my parents about my first experience with the fall season, something about which I'd only heard my mother speak. We didn't have fall in Austin or Corsicana, and not even in northern California. I think maybe I'd seen it while camping in the mountains in California, but that would have only been for a weekend. My freshman year in Chapel Hill, the leaves changed colors and fell, students scurried to class through the leafy quad as the bell tower tolled, there were a few weeks when you could wear jeans and flip flops, and hot days could be followed by cool nights. Unbelievable!

In England, fall is a mix of mist and darkness -- nothing really to get excited about. And with global warming, real autums have been hard to come by, even in North Carolina. But we're definitely getting one this year and it's been a really lovely October, which is Mark's favorite month for just this reason. Here is a picture of our backyard, which doesn't do it or the season any real justice.

And here is a picture of Milla in a totally cute red dress that Auntie Millie made for Vaughn a few years ago. I slammed Milla's finger in the car door today. To be quite frank, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to do so to one of my children. Really, I did it to myself all the time growing up.

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