12 October 2008

A very NCAA football weekend

Well, first I had to show a pic of Milla on Friday in these cutie jeans. She's walking (and stumbling) all over the place now. [Pardon the camera cord that's in the way. Too cute of a picture to not share.]

Saturday morning breakfast at Foster's. Hard for the girls to turn down treats. Fun for me to watch them display their Longhorn pride.

Next, to the playground. Milla is better able to do everything Vaughn is doing, and she gets downright MAD when she isn't allowed to/can't quite get to the thing she wants.

Nothing like her sister was at the same age, Milla is a daredevil on the slides.

Sweet V, always having time to chill and PUMP on the swings.

It was a great afternoon of football, with extraordinary wins both by the Horns and the Heels. A great day to be ... well, me, I guess.

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