30 October 2008

Vaughn is FOUR!!

We had to wake up early this morning so that we had enough time to open presents before school. Unfortunately I didn't get all the money shots. But here are a few. First, Vaughn with her ruby red slippers:

Next, the pumpkin girls!

Vaughn trying to get on her new ride in the kitchen, which we allowed due to the incredible excitement:

Daddy, who took the afternoon off, helping Vaughn in the street. Man, she was really good!

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Katie flanking V at her Chick-fil-A birthday dinner.

Vaughn was amazing on the bike! She even fell off once and we convinced her (or I should say, Mark did most of the convincing) to get back on. A real life lesson LEARNED! She is doing so well. She has a problem with looking up enough -- this must be a common problem for first-timers -- and she refuses to turn so when she's ready to turn around, she stops, gets off the bike and manually turns it around. Very funny. But she loves it and I can't wait for her to just whiz by me in the relatively near future. Our little Buzhle is so big!!

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