10 October 2008

Sweet girls

Just a couple of stories to relate ...

Last week, we all went for a walk, which is a big deal for me, pushing those two up hills in my breath-y pregnancy, and we saw a neighborhood boy being pushed by his caretaker. He's in a wheelchair and doesn't talk but moans a lot. I've seen him from time to time but I honestly have no idea how old he is -- maybe 15, maybe 25. Vaughn asked, "What's he doing?" And I said, "I don't know but it sounds like he's crying." And she said, "I think he's singing." Isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Then yesterday I asked Vaughn if she wanted Milla to come to her birthday party (15 kids are invited). And she said, "Not really." And I said, "Really? That's kind of sad." And Vaughn said, "Well, OK, she can come. I guess if I love her and she loves me, then I want her there all the time." And I said, "Oh, Vaughn, that's so sweet!" And she said, "Except when I go to school sometimes." Unbelievable.

Milla, in turn, is walking and falling and laughing and saying things like SHOES and FIVE and even TWO and she'll blow by you with the grocery cart only to pause long enough to say, "Bye bye!" My girls are seriously amazing.

Hook 'em!

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