27 October 2008


Well, I have tried uploading videos to this website a few times and apparently I'm not very bright. I will keep working on it.

But I took Vaughn and Milla to the doctor for their checkups (4-year and 15-month) and they are doing great! Vaughn is 42 pounds and 43". Milla is 26.5 pounds and 33". (That's right: only 10" between them.) Vaughn can do really awesome things like stand on one leg for 5 seconds and then switch legs and stand on that one for 2 seconds. She can also listen to beeps and raise her hand when she hears them, and then read most letters off a vision chart. Milla can say about 10 words, which is good for her age apparently. The coolest part was when Vaughn got a nasal mist flu vaccine, after I'd talked up chocolate ice cream for needle bravery! Poor Milla got 3 shots and did not take them well. *sigh*

Vaughn had her birthday party on Saturday and it was a riot (for her). When I can figure out how to get videos on here you can all see!

Oh, and in the meantime, I had a conference with Vaughn's teacher this morning and she is the "alpha female" of the classroom, though somehow she has managed to remain non-bossy, which the teacher finds pleasing and surprising. Every day now, at Vaughn's instigation, the whole class goes, "SHABOOM!" and falls on their knees after singing some song about a flag. I wish I could see all this with my own eyes.

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