19 October 2008

It's true

I was saying to Mark today that oftentimes, when people are radio silent, it's because they have nothing about which to complain. Like when I only hear the bad stuff about significant others, I try to remember that when everything is going well in a relationship, you usually don't hear about it. Things are too happy to stop and relate info to others. And that's the way I'm feeling these days. I just have so much for which to be thankful and I'm so happy that we still have what we do have in these trying financial times. (Most important, of course, is Mark's J-O-B.)

So anyway, I'm just explaining why I haven't been posting as much as I have in the past. The girls are great; the weather is cooling off; so far the election is turning a favorable tide (in our opinion); I'm feeling pretty good and we're getting some projects done, like framing old pictures -- think: 2005 national championship posters -- and major house cleaning before a birthday party next weekend.

Here is a picture of Milla and Vaughn's friend Emma at one of our favorite haunts, Armadillo Grill, this week. We met Emma and her mom, Angie, in Carrboro when we had some errands to run there. Viva las buenas tortillas!! (Dad, correct me)

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