15 September 2008

Happy news

All is well with baby #3! As well as can be determined at this point anyway. Here are two pictures from our ultrasound today.

We are very excited to have a healthy baby! We asked the sonographer not to show us the gender but we were definitely looking ... still, we couldn't make anything out of what we saw. So of course I think it's another girl. (How will poor Mark survive all the hormones? Three teenage girls all at once, wow.)

The due date changed by only a day or two so right now I'm running with the latest date I've heard, which is February 19. And actually I count on being late on top of that.

In other news, Vaughn sucked a medicine dispenser/cup to her mouth yesterday and thus bruised the entire area around her lips. She looks like she's got raspberry jam smeared under her lower lip and a bad ten o'clock shadow above her upper lip. I will try to get a picture later today.

Also, Milla has become an expert in tantrum-throwing. Today she got really angry because I wouldn't put on Vaughn's Crocs and for the next three or four minutes, she threw the same six shoes, kicked the same two blocks and stabbed a plastic bag full of more plastic bags with a fork. And screeched. And yes, I let her do it because I figured it's OK to be angry/frustrated and all she really needed to do was get it out. And I wanted her to figure out how to calm herself down after all that. I definitely don't want that to be my problem down the road.

All is very good here. We're dealing with the incredulity that comes with having our UNC football team start the season 2-0 and marveling at what it will be like having three kids, four years and under. And life is good.

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