11 September 2008

Gymboree and the first full week of school

Today Milla and I started a Gymboree music class. She is "two months too young" for the class but we just cannot make the class that fits her age group. All the other kids in our class are walking, talking, active. Milla can't even get a drum out of a basket. Or say, "Baa, baa." She sat there like a bump on a log for the whole 45 minutes today, sucking intently on her thumb. I think she was scared but enthralled, and I figured silence was an improvement over Vaughn's first experience in Monkey Music, when she screamed and cried for the entire class. I'm not sure Milla will ever get the chance to be terribly involved, as I don't really plan on taking her after the baby arrives, but it does give her a chance to interact with a group of kids her own age, rather than being shut down by her sister on a regular basis. Or at least watch them. It's something. I feel like the other moms are like, "What the hell is she doing here?" And then I don't care. I'll be gone in February anyway ...

Vaughn has been konked out by school the last two days. Literally. Right now she is asleep with one of her woozies draped over her. Good thing, since Carolina plays tonight; maybe she'll get to watch some. I don't know if they just keep her really active there, but I think it's more the stimulation and the interaction with other kids. She LOVES it. It is so fantastic. I have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks participating in parent events for school and I have to say -- I think I made the right decision in sending her to this school, rather than the one where she was last year. We even have a family picnic on Sunday, and though I find these things rather tense, tedious and somewhat impossible to enjoy, it's a nice community thing to do and I'm happy to participate.

What was it we said in high school, Lou? "I do NOT participate"? I still have dreams of being on the dance team and telling the leader lady, "I've decided I don't want to do any more football games. Or contest, either. So I'm just going to sit here and watch."

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