01 September 2008

Girls are getting so big

First, a shot of V in pants. I think this must be the second or third day all summer she hasn't worn a dress. I should've tried harder earlier ...

Milla is into absolutely everything and I think we might have another Lolo on our hands. Sheesh! At least she is becoming more mobile, which suits her frustration just fine.

Game day! Getting ready for a tailgate before McNeese State.

Sadly, this is only the second time (third?) we've gotten out the "shark pool." It's really just been too hot. The girls LOVED it again and Milla even stood herself up with no hands and balanced for a few seconds before falling on her bum (or face). She is not afraid.

And again, into the tupperware cabinet, one of her favorite post-meal hot spots.

Vaughn's first day of school is tomorrow! The school seems really high maintenance and demanding but I think she'll like it no matter what. Let's see how I handle it.

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