07 August 2008

Austin Zoo pics

We've been here a week now and I shot my first pics today. Whoops.

Surprisingly enough, Milla seemed to get way more out of this jaunt than Vaughn. Milla was absolutely DELIGHTED with all the animals and would laugh and scream and point every time she saw something new. Vaughn, much like her first time at the St Louis Zoo and her interest in the man in the red shirt, was more interested in the preschool class also visiting each exhibit simultaneously. Ah well.

Here are the pics ...

Vaughn and Grammie in front of some bird:

Vaughn and Grammie (and probably a boogie) in front of the lemurs:

Some monkey-type thing:

Milla doing what she did every time (point):

A big ol' Bengal Tiger!:

A lion putting on a show for us with an old tire:

Most of the girls in front of the lion cage (at V's request):

(The pointing really kills me):

A chicken sitting on a goat:

The rooster that Vaughn coaxed into saying, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!!" maybe 5 times:

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