24 August 2008

All sorts of updates

First of all, Ryan was here this weekend, and though he was a big hit with both girls, I think Milla in particular took a liking to him. And by that I mean she wanted him to pick her up all the time; he got her out of her car seat at every trip; she crawled into his lap whenever she got a chance. Just look ...

We had a blast with Ryan, though we didn't do much other than eat. This is typical for the two of us (Ryan and me) so no worries there. I feel that maybe I should have shown him something else but he seemed OK with watching the Olympics and taking naps. Also, as Mark pointed out, Ryan lives in San Francisco. He didn't come here to see a good time. Ha.

This morning, Mark and Vaughn took the opportunity to paint. And I don't mean furniture or walls. Check it out ...

We've got our own Picasso on our hands:

This afternoon we went swimming with Kai, Lauren and Lucy (well, Lucy slept a lot in her car seat) and lo and behold -- !! -- wait for it ... VAUGHN LOVED THE BIG POOL. She -- oh my god, wait for it again -- went down the big, scary water slide all by herself and I caught her at the end. She even went down the slide with me about 4 times. After getting in the big pool she never wanted back in the baby pool. I think maybe she's growing. She got to have chocolate ice cream after a cookout at the Monasts because she was so brave today.

In other news, Vaughn is refusing ballet and gymnastics classes, which is too bad, but I'm not going to force her to be outgoing. Not yet. Not till they offer basketball lessons.

In other OTHER news, Milla is finally pulling up and doing so in full force. She climbed all the way up the stairs (both flights) today all by herself. This seems to be so terribly exciting that she couldn't take a nap today. We'll see how the Vandegrifts are surviving midweek.

I'd say not much is going on, and in others' worlds, maybe not, but this is big time for us!! School starts a week from Tuesday too. Wahoo!!

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Missing Tercy said...

Miss you and your girls. They're so big.