20 July 2008

Weaverville week pictures

All the kids playing "tea set" together.

Milla and Uncle Dave:

Vaughn and Aunt Holly:

Dadaw and Milla having a breakfast moment:

Grammie and Vaughn at the Quilt Garden at the UNC Arboretum:

Dadaw and Milla showing off tricks inside one of the exhibition buildings at the Arboretum:

Vaughn showing off running "fast as I can" at the Arboretum:

Sara and Mark trying to coordinate a self-shot at Craggy Gardens:

Better scenery when Mark takes the picture standing a few feet back:

Dadaw showing Vaughn what the various stages of wasp development look like:

All the cousins trying to work a puzzle together:

Saul having a sweet moment with the babies:

My favorite quote of the week happened when we were in the car driving home today. We had just left the cabin and I said to Vaughn ...

Me: Vaughn, would you like to do that again?
Vaughn: Do what?
Me: See cousins and Grammie and Dadaw and stay in a house together.
Vaughn: Which cousins?
Me: Your cousins. Lowell, Elijah and Grayson.
[silence, which I took to mean the end of the conversation. But ...]
Vaughn: Not very much. I was getting really tired of playing "Baby and Mommy" with Lolo.

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