22 July 2008

Veebus has left the building

Vaughn left for Texas this morning at the crack of dawn with my parents. I tried waking her at 5:15 but she wouldn't budge until I turned on the light. Then I think she got really excited but it was hard to tell because she could barely see with the blaring light in her face. She sat up, put her head in my lap and whined for just a split second and I said, "What's wrong, honey?" And she said, "I'm gonna miss you." Then she pranced around and threw herself all over the couches downstairs in anticipation of the exciting flight to Tampa, and then Austin (yea Southwest!), with Grammie and Dadaw.

I'm overwhelmed with this feeling of, "What have I done??" But it will be good for everyone, surely. Below is a shot I got of both girls after Milla's nap yesterday. For some reason Vaughn loves getting in her crib with her.

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