10 July 2008

Ugh, another casualty

I can't find the camera. I know it's around here somewhere. But I wish I knew where because I have maybe 5 pictures from our trip and I'd like to share them. Gosh I am horrible about taking pictures these days. Sorry.

The girls did so well on all our treks -- the plane ride to NY, followed by staying up REALLY LATE with cousins, then a 5-hour drive to Cape Cod, then a 6-hour drive back to New Jersey, plus a 5-hour delay on the plane ride home, getting us in our beds around 11:00pm Tuesday night. We are glad to be home!

And little Milla is one!!

Thanks to Aunt Mary, Aunt Fran, Grandma, Papa, Alan, Michael and Aunt Beth for making the trip so amazing. (Especially Aunt Mary, who sacrificed her room so that our family could commandeer it.) Again, wish I had those 5 pictures ...

We're off on another trip on Monday. Grammie gets here Saturday. Whew, summer is busy!

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