26 July 2008

Making "the most" of our time

Mark painted Vaughn's room today. It is a pale yellow called "Frosted Lemon." Reminds me of lemonade pie. Anyway it is exactly the color I wanted and I commend Mark for his strength and patience. He spent about six hours in there. Now he's setting up our new computer and cleaning up the computer room. Get that guy on a roll and watch out!

In the meantime, Milla and I have been playing with lots of blocks and singing lots of songs. As it turns out, "This little piggy ..." is about her favorite thing ever. Well, that and "Wind the Bobbin Up." She is still pooping her brains out but seems fine otherwise and I think it's likely just her teething. I remember the same with Vaughn.

Oh Vaughn ... how I miss her. I know she's having fun so that makes it easier but we really do miss our Moopy. I will try to take pictures tomorrow so that I have something to post other than my ramblings. It's almost too easy to take pictures of one kid at a time; I just don't think it's really occurred to me. More tomorrow ...

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