13 July 2008

Found: camera

In the first place I looked, no less. And the 100th place I looked as well. But it wasn't until about 1000 lookings that we found it. I should say -- MARK FOUND IT. Ah well.

Here are some pics from NY ... turns out we didn't take a single picture at the Cape. Milla SCREECHES when she sees a camera so it's sort of a futile effort.

Vaughn and her cousin Alex:

Vaughn on the trampoline with her cousins:

Mommy on the trampoline with Ashley and Max:

Pregnant lady chillin with Max and Freddy:

Vandegrift girls loving the side-by-side double:

And now we must pack up for our trip to "the mountains" tomorrow. I promise to bring my camera. Whether any pictures will be taken ... I can't make any promises whatsoever.

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