16 February 2012

Now I'm on a roll

Brother and sister in matching hats. Same hats 2 years ago = sisters in matching hats with appropriate names. This is actually the hat Fletcher has worn this year. Whatever. I didn't have to buy him one and he loves it.

A few pics from our family trip to a Carolina basketball game. We ended up getting a tour of the administrative offices and got a sweet pic with the trophies. What is not pictured is Fletch getting his shoes all over Roy's couch. Not cool.

Bearded Daddy!

Flags flying at the Manning household, representing the family members inside. (Saul was absent, so the UVA flag was stowed away.) (Christie went to Wisconsin.)

Cousins at Christmas!

Fletcher likes balls.

Before and after sushi boat pictures. (Yes, two individuals consumed this amount of sushi. One of them is 6'4" and the other spends about half her spare time at the gym so ... big appetites. Big people.)

Just a man and his kids.

Vaughn loves Chinese culture. And wants to be Daddy's Girl by learning to program. Which yes, he is teaching her.

Vaughn won an iPod Shuffle for reading so much over Christmas. For reals!

REALLY belated Christmas card outtakes

So this is the post that was giving me so much grief and caused me to give up on the blog. But lo and behold, here are the pictures, uploaded at last! Now that everyone who could saw them on Facebook and now that it's 3 months later, I am back in business. I might get enthusiastic about taking pictures again. Yippee cay ay yippee! (You can take the girl out of Texas ...)

(And maybe Mommy needs a new laptop!)



Let's try this again

No way! It works! I just needed to do it from my desktop! Wahoo!

Here are pictures from Fletcher's birthday party at school on Tuesday. I made heart-shaped sugar cookies with vanilla/almond frosting (they had red and pink sprinkles but said "Fletcher" in mauve) since they were also celebrating Valentine's Day that day.

Wow, I'm going to upload some more now ...

07 January 2012

Sorry, whoever's still out there

Blogger hasn't been letting me upload pictures since November. So the blog has seemed a bit pointless. "Technical difficulties," if you will. I am going to try to look into it a bit more, particularly because I'm trying to stay off Facebook this year. If anyone has been disappointed (do I flatter my family too much?), I apologize!

27 November 2011

No doubt about it -- he's a guy

I usually don't look at videos online because I have to turn on my volume, then turn it off (and I can't get it the volume to function in my status bar ... I know), but this is a video that doesn't even need sound. When I dreamt of having a boy, this is exactly what I pictured it would be like. He's really, really a dude! (This actually brings me to tears.)

31 October 2011

V's 7th birthday/ Halloween

Unfortunately, I know all too well what it's like to have your birthday lumped in with a holiday. Fortunately for me, my birthday is 8 days before Christmas, and it's not Christmas Eve. But luckily for Vaughn, her birthday precedes Halloween, not Christmas. Touche. Anyway, we try to make them both special and the reality is that they are intertwined for life so we might as well come to terms with it!

First was Fletcher's Halloween parade at school. I find this very interesting because Milla's school absolutely won't allow Halloween celebrations and Vaughn's school tries really hard to focus on something else ("Camp Read-a-Lot," which celebrates your favorite book, whatever it might be) because they know it's hard to escape the excitement. Fletcher's embraces it. And they are some really cute two-year-olds, you know ...

Next was Vaughn's birthday party: we had 4 girls over here, plus Milla, which was 6 girls total, and they ate pizza and cake, played and colored. They put their pajamas on at one point as a shout-out to the would-be slumber party I wouldn't let her have, but mainly they ran around the house screaming, making Vaughn very uncomfortable, but mostly having fun. Here they are at dinner:

After dinner was the cake that Vaughn, the creative director, ordered. Three layers (chocolate, vanilla, chocolate) in a heart shape with vanilla icing; pink on top with white flower border. I think it turned out OK, though I admit I was pretty tired by the time I got around to this. The cupcakes for school a few days earlier were a bit of a disaster ...

The next day was Vaughn's actual birthday, so of course we got up in the morning and had morecupcakes for breakfast. She also got MAD loot from her family, and thank you all for your participation in cluttering up the house real good! She was so happy and so thankful for her gifts; it really is nice to see her appreciate the things she receives. We went to a kids museum in Raleigh as soon as it opened (noon) and we let her bow out of her brother's and sister's family Halloween parties given by friends later in the afternoon. After dinner at Taco Bell, we were all done and had no more room for cake.

Last we had actual Halloween, with an angel, a "sleeping beauty" and a train conductor. Vaughn grossed us out and exceeded none of our expectations by eating an overwhelming amount of candy before bed. Fletcher impressed us all by a) finishing his peas in order to try the candy, 2) eating more candy than I ever thought possible for a 2-year-old and d) actually having an opinion about various candy ingredients. Interesting.

I'm excited for November!!